Musical instruments are a work of art on many levels. Each one offers an experience that transcends the material boundaries of its construction: music. Above all else, a musical instrument is about expression. For me, the art of lutherie is a balance of several disciplines and artistic expression. As art, the guitar is a very beautiful instrument with many facets of design to explore. As craft, the architectural constructs offer the challenge of using my skills to meet the task at hand. As a luthier, I am both artist and craftsman. I focus my skills to build each guitar custom tailored to each customer's needs and vision.

   This requires a discovery phase that defines all aspects of the guitar with as much clarity and precision as possible. Here, I become an interpreter. I take customerís descriptions, sonic comparisons, player's requirements and artistic expression, and translate these facets into a balance of visual design and acoustic engineering. The result is an instrument that will encompass it all: the guitar. This process brings together all these various elements and disciplines into a single cohesive design for the instrument. The individual approach makes it impossible for me to offer a set of models and precise designs. Every guitar I build is a unique. Each guitar model can serve as a starting point for a new design, or we can start from scratch. Either way the result will be a custom instrument as unique as the customer's vision that guided its construction. There is no limit to our imagination.