2015 Custom Semi-Hollow #175

16" single cutaway semi-hollow chambered centerblock guitar
Top: Engelmann Spruce
Body: Black Limba with Mahogany block
Neck: Indian Rosewood
Fretboard: Ebony
Binding: Ebony (on body)
Soundholes: Oval on front in traditional placement
Centerblock: Mahogany chambered with a cavity behind the bridge connecting the two open chambers of the body.

Strings: 7
Scale length: 25.5"
Frets: 22 stainless jumbo
Radius: 20"
Nut width: 2.142"
Neck carve: like your TimTone

Bridge: 7-string Hipshot tremolo
SuperVee - Maglock
Tremolo-No locking mechanism

Pickups: Bare Knuckle Pickups - Abraxas Humbucker set with a Slow Hand Middle pickup (killer set!)

Electronics (Main): Master Volume (pull for full volume), Master Tone (0.022uF, push for bypass)

Electronics (Humbuckers): 5-way Humbucker Coil Selectors, 5-way Humbucker Pickup Selector:

    5-way Humbucker Pickup Selector:
        1. Neck
        2. Neck and Bridge in Series Out-Of-Phase
        3. Neck and Bridge in Parallel
        4. Neck and Bridge in Series
        5. Bridge

     5-way Humbucker Coil Selector:
        1. North Coil
        2. South Coil
        3. North and South Coils in Series
        4. North and South Coils in Series Out-Of-Phase
        5. North and South Coils in Parallel

Electronics (Middle): Add Middle 2-way toggle, Add Middle Pickup Selector:

    5-way Add Middle Pickup Selector:
      (Added to Humbucker Pickup Selector - Activated by Add Middle switch):
        1. Series Out-Of-Phase
        2. Series
        3. Middle only
        4. Parallel
        5. Parallel Out-Of-Phase

Electronics (RMC Piezo/Synth) (7th string only in piezo signal): Synth Volume, S1-S1, Synth-Both-Magnetics 3-way, Piezo Volume, Add Piezo to Magnetics 2-way toggle (makes Magnetics active)

Additional electronics:
2 Dummy Coil 3-way toggles (on, bypass, on inverted) caibrated to match the middle single coil and the humbucker splits respectively

Custom Varitone control - All paper-in-oil capacitors and a custom Kent Armstrong inductor

    6-way Varitone Control:
      (Positions 1-5 run series through an inductor):
        1. 0.250uF
        2. 0.100uF
        3. 0.047uF
        4. 0.033uF
        5. 0.015uF
        6. Bypass

Inlay: pearl
Side dots: pearl

Headstock: 7 in-line
Tuners: Hipshot locking tuners
Dunlop StrapLoks

Hardware color: Chrome

Finish: Gloss Hard Shellac on body, oil on neck