This is a very special custom project that features a split 4x4 fretless and fretted fingerboard. One of the main design features are the amazing Hipshot double stop drop tuners that allow the bass side strings to each drop down one step and then two steps vastly opening up the range of the guitar and making possible instant key changes for open tunings. The top 4 strings are tunes D G B E so that in standard tuning (Hipshot tuners in highest pitch range) the tuning is F# B E A D G B E like an 8-string guitar. Standard bass side tuning is F# B E A, dropping one step to E A D G, and then two steps to D G C F. The Hipshot tuners can easily be adjusted for other intervals as well. The pickups are also split to allow for 2 channels so that the appropriate amplifiers can be used for the low end frequencies.

2013 Custom #172

Top: Western Red Cedar
Body: Honduran Mahogany
Neck: Claro Walnut
Fretboard: Bolivian Rosewood (Pau Ferro)
Headstock veneers: Bolivian Rosewood (Pau Ferro)
Pickup Rings: Bolivian Rosewood (Pau Ferro)
Knobs: Bolivian Rosewood (Pau Ferro)
Binding: Bolivian Rosewood (Pau Ferro)

Scale Length: 24.5" - 27"
Fretboard radius: 12"
Frets: 24

Pickups: Custom Myka 4x4 split humbuckers for 2 channel operation
Switching: Volume (push-pull), Tone (push-pull), 5-way per channel
    Switching: 5-way:
        1. Neck
        2. Neck and Bridge in Series
        3. Neck and Bridge in Parallel
        4. Neck and Bridge in Series Out-Of-Phase
        5. Bridge

   Volume Push/pull for Neck Series/Parallel
   Tone Push/pull for Bridge Series/Parallel

Logo: Pearl
Inlay: Pearl
Side dots: pearl
Bridge: Custom Myka Bolivian Rosewood (Pau Ferro) with individual bone saddles
Tuners: Hipshot Double-Stop Bass Extenders, Hipshot GripLok tuners
Finish: Shellac/wax body and neck, lacquer/wax top