This guitar represents what I consider the ultimate electric guitar players acoustic guitar. The entire design was built around the idea of full fret access and easy action while at the same time ensuring a full acoustic tone. The neck joint is pivotal and provides a solid connection between the neck itself and the main structural support of the body. This structural integrity does several things. It increases the overall stiffness of the instrument in a way that does not impede the function of the top or back. This produces superior sustain and tuning stability due to the locked in neck/body geometry. The bridge is pinless and that means no lost parts, sticking pins, etc. This coupled with the locking tuners makes for speedy string changes. This is an acoustic that you can change strings between songs and be in tune for the rest of the set. The neck heel is solid and thick. In fact the neck joint does not split the neck in two like traditional acoustic systems. The truss rod adjustments move the entire neck in unison. And the notes remain strong and true right up to the last fret due to the mass of wood beneath the fretboard. And the nice think neck heel can be carved so that full fret access is easy and natural. It's a design that does not get in your way and just lets you play.

2010 Limba Acoustic #105

Top: Sitka Spruce
Body: Black Limba
Neck: Black Limba
Fingerboard: Ebony
Headstock Front: Ebony
Headstock Back: Ebony
Binding: Ebony

Scale Length: 24.625"
Fretboard radius: 12"
Frets: 22
Neck carve: a little heavier than #065

Logo: Pearl
Side dots: Pearl
Bridge: Ebony/Bone bridge
Tuners: Black Sperzels
Finish: Hand rubbed shellac with Tru-Oil on the top, Tru-Oil on the body and neck