This is the wood selection for this guitar.
Old growth Sitka SPruce:

High figure Hawaiian Koa

The sides are bent to shape and placed in the mold.

Kerfed lining, neck and tail blocks, and side braces are added. The sides are complete.

The rosette. Simple and elegant. That koa will be awesome under lacquer.

The assymetrically x-braced top.

The radial x-braced back.

The sides are glued to the soundboard.
The resonant frequency rises because of the fixed perimeter of the soundboard.

The back is glued into place. All that bass response comes back with a vengeance.
The body is complete.

Here is a shot of the gorgeous Koa back.


The inlay is assembled.

The binding complete on the body.

A back shot showing the details around the access panel.

A nice shot of the cutaway details.

A closeup of the binding detail.

The neck has been shaped and fitted to the body, threaded inserts and bolts installed,
carbon fiber and truss rods inlayed, and the taper and headstock routed to shape.

A closeup of the wicked koa headplate veneer.

The neck fretted and rough carved.

A closeup of the access panel.

The guitar so far.

Back shot.